Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year and some sweetness!!

Wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year!!
and a joyous Makar sakranti!!

I know its a bit too late, but hey one has to recover from the new year parties and then festivals which continuously pop up on the traditional Indian calender.

Sakranti is a festival which marks the nearing end of the winter and it is believed that the sun changes hemisphere during that period. It is also celebrated as "Uttarayan" in Gujrat, "Makar Sakranti" in Rajasthan and "Pongal" in Andhra Pradesh & Kerala.

Here is a recipe of a sweet, savoury item which is usually a winter staple and is especially made in our household on the occasion of Sakranti.

Makes only 1 bowl

Til seeds-1 Tbsp
Sugar- 1Tbsp
Nuts- a handful
Green cardamom- 2-3 crushed

1. Dry roast the Til seeds til just fragrant and slightly browned.
2. Pulse in a blender with sugar and nuts.
3. Add the fregrant elaichi aka cardamom.

Isn't it simple! Just about perfect for winters too.