Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspired Greek salad

There is nothing quite and filling as well as light than a salad. An amazing range of salads can be created with simple ingredients. So when I wanted something filling, yet not really a meal, I rounded up on Greek salad.

Since I did not have all the ingredients for the salad. I experimented around the original which I read here.
    Serves 2
  1. Cucumbers (we call them chinese cucumbers here)-2 , cut into round thick slices
  2. Black olives- 9-10
  3. Tomatoes-2 , quartered ( halved cherry tomatoes are preferred)
  4. Green bell pepper/capsicum- chopped into squarish pieces. Take 1 (small sized)
  5. Olive oil for drizzling- about  1 tbsp
  6. Paneer - about 50 -70 gm, cut into really small cubes, or if its crumbly use your hands
  7. Oregano - 1/2 tsp
  8. Black pepper- 2-3 pinches
  9. Method
    Take a deep bowl and put all the ingredients in it and toss well for proper mixing.
    Serve cold or at room temperature.

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