Friday, March 2, 2012

Green salad (Hara bhara salad)

When you are reminded of home and the simple yet fulfilling flavors on your plate, then you end up making something from your memory.
    This is the first and the simplest salad I was ever introduced by the local restaurants'.  As children, when we went out for dinner with my parents my mother always used to order it for all of us. It was served as the first thing on the table. Then she started making it in a similar fashion at home. Here I'm making it from the memories of home. Even though I have made a hurried one ( as is evident in the pic); I've given the recipe of the original I ate long time back.
    Green salad
  1. Cucumber- 1, sliced thinly
  2. Tomatoes- 1 large or 2 small, sliced
  3. Onion- 1, sliced
  4. Green chilies- 2, slit in between to decorate
  5. Roasted Cumin seeds (Jeera)- 1/2 tsp
  6. Salt & pepper to taste (you can add chaat masala also)
  7. Nimboo (Lemon)- 1/2 for squeezing
  8. Method
    Place the cucumber, tomatoes and onion in a plate so that they make no more than 2 layers. You can be imaginative and decorate it with tomato peel (shaped like a rose). Arrange green chilies in a manner you like on the plate.
    Add salt, pepper or chaat masala to it. Sprinkle bhuna jeera or roasted cumin seeds all over it.
    Serve it with lemon on the side. Squeeze it before eating on the servings of individuals. You can also squeeze it just before serving.
    Serve immediately or keep in the fridge till the mealtime.

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