Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Exploring foods

Lagos has a rainy weather for about 4 months. More or less like the Mumbai rains (apart from the thunder, of course). This season is usually marked with copious consumption of steaming hot pakodas & bhajias(fried savoury snacks) accompanied with a hot and sweet cup of chai (Indian tea).

Recently, I asked my maid what special food do they have in the rainy seasons here. It surprisingly matched with what we eat in the monsoons- "Bhutta" (corn cob, usually roasted). It was accompanied by a unique food 'pee-ar-se', which sounds like pierce (I don’t know if its right but this is how my maid pronounced it).

Its color is fascinating and the skin is shiny and beautiful. It is simply cooked by keeping it for some time in boiled water (not on flame). It is eaten with the skin on and had a buttery feel to it (yes, I tasted it). Its amount is small with the stone inside making about 90% of the fruit.

Its apparently a common Nigerian food in the rainy weather. Unfortunately, I've not had the chance to explore the local farmer's market, but its on my to-do list. . :)

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