Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sheera / Halwa/ Sweet semolina pudding

    There is something about the rainy weather. You feel nostalgic. 

    You want to eat something hot/warm and gooey. 

    The only word i can think of now is  Sheera. It is a thick-yet-flowing sweet goodness.

    I like that....I feel like making it…

    So let's get started.

    Ingredients (1 serving)
  1. Fine Semolina/ Sooji- 2 spoons (3 tsp)
  2. Ghee (clarified butter)- 3tsp (if you want, you can put more)
  3. Milk (full cream)- 50 ml+ additional to thin consistency
  4. Almonds/ badam- 2-4 (make coarse powder by pounding)
  5. Kesar /saffron- 1-2 strands
  6. Green cardamom/elaichi-2, remove seeds and crush them
  7. Sugar- 2 tsp

  8. Method
  9. Take a small thick bottomed kadhai/wok. Heat ghee in it.
  10. Add sooji and cook while continuously stirring. It avoids burning of the semolina.
  11. When the color and smell of sooji changes to a darker shade and a cooked smell then add milk and cook. The semolina will swell. If it gets too thick, add more milk. You can add water also.
  12. Now add sugar and mix well.
  13. Add kesar, badam and elaichi.

  14. Footnotes:
    Sheera is a common Indian sweet and you will find a number of variations to it.
  15. Jaggary /gur also can be used instead of sugar.
  16. Water can replace milk in the above recipe.
  17. Other dry fruits like raisins, pistachios etc. can also be added to this recipe.
  18. Whole wheat flour  can be used instead of semolina.
  19. Some people add a small amount of rosewater to it to add a touch of royalty and beautiful fragrance.
  20. You can soak saffron in warm milk before adding, I skipped the step.

  21. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of this Indian sweet pudding and appreciate life.
    Life is good.

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