Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Food- What to feed the baby?

    Anybody with a baby can know the feeling which gets you when you see her/him sleeping peacefully in your arms. Its a perfect mix of love and contentment.

     You want to do everything which keeps the smile  on that face from fading. So, mothers do not give food to their babies, they feed love.

    Sounds mushy?….well it is …and its true .
    In the quest to give my baby the right foods I've given her an array of mushy, gooey, pasty  (but healthy) things. Here I've made a list of those foods and she ate them too…..yes….seriously (Ok, sometimes coaxing is required….but mostly yes).

  1. Suji kheer/ semolina pudding
  2. Suji upma/ salted semolina (with veggies and without veggies)
  3. Ripe banana (mashed)
  4. Ripe avocado(mashed)
  5. Ripe papaya (mashed)
  6. Mango puree/ aamras
  7. Banana and strawberry smoothie
  8. Apple and banana smoothie
  9. Dal-rice khichri/ lentil -rice porridge
  10. Sheera
  11. Home-made baby food mix (recipe by Anushruti)

  12.  She gets bored with everyday gruel (I can't blame her.) I'm continually in search of new ideas to make her food more interesting. You are welcome to add to these ideas.

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